Hi, I’m Rebekah. Creator and founder of SculptStrong. I believe being healthy is balanced, joy filled, thankful, and maintainable. It is built upon a commitment to change and a recognition of responsibility. It is fueled by results that can only be acquired through informed decisions and effort. Lastly, it is sustained by the formation of small and yet powerful habits. 

Being healthy enables me to serve others with excellence in mind, body, and soul. 

With all the advice out there on how to lose weight, be healthy, or get stronger it can be easily confusing and overwhelming to pursue a healthy lifestyle. The go-to methods are: fad diets, starvation, juice cleanses claiming to “detox” your body and unsustainable workout routines that require hours upon hours in the gym. The sad truth is that most people are not thinking in terms of a lifestyle. They like the idea of quick fixes and easy change. Unfortunately, this allows fad diets and uninformed trainers to survive and thrive.

What most people are not told is that, a person’s habits make up who they are. If you’re overweight and lazy, that is a result of excuses and poor choices. On the flip side, if you’re strong and healthy, that is a result of making disciplined and informed decisions…consistently. I don’t believe in fad diets and I don’t believe in quick fixes. I believe the key to unlocking a healthy life lies in good habits, consistency, eating real food, sculpting muscle, and longterm sustainability. If you’re tired of starving yourself, binge eating, and doing exercise as a punishment, take action today and join me in sculpting a LIFE of strength, joy, and consistency.

My mind and body belong to my savior and Lord Jesus Christ, and with it I am to serve Him to the best of my ability. Being healthy gives me the energy to do just that.

By following Sculpt Strongs blog you will receive informed coaching on habits, eating to nourish, eating to lose or maintain a healthy weight, exercise routines that you love and much more. Want to learn more about SculptStrong? go to: Sculptstrong.com for more information!

3 Comments on “Sculpting Excellence

  1. New to the sight, I agree with your thoughts and they are true. A lifestyle commitment is what it takes for long term meaningful outcomes. I’m grateful for the changes and challenges you have helped me with. Amen!

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